based in London & Athens

Slade School of Fine Art, UCL | BA (Hons) Fine Art

UCL | MA History of Art 

Painting becomes for me a state of mind where multiple encounters take place. A game of role play between opacity, shape, form, colour and dimension, oscillating between vulnerability and relationality.


​Through my paintings I try to dwell into the notion of ‘being undone’ - a term coined by Judith Butler in her text Precarious Life - undone by the encounter with one’s multilayered self or undone through touch, desire and grief. The element of water is present in most of my latest work, and is used as a catalyst for this process of being undone. Water in domestic environments creates an oasis that perhaps loosens human hierarchies and structures, allowing the self to be in close proximity with inner mechanisms, which are portrayed in my work as different figures, realized through drawing.


Drawing is always the starting point for my work, through it I imagine the spaces where these encounters take place. My creatures are born by the contour line, a line that denotes their vulnerability due to its delicacy and ability to form, reform and let loose. These creatures live in the midst of humanness and animality, on the verge of having an identity yet not fully formed or being intact.


Pastel colours and precarious lines come together to create an event that takes place in the private sphere. The evanescent curtains play a pivotal role to the creation on this intimate yet sometimes intruded environment. The curtain divides yet at the same moment merges different planes creating a layering that adds to the mysticism and dreamlike nature of my painterly world. A transitional space where density, weight and opacity loosen their ties with physics and exist in an ever-evolving state of being on the verge of figuration and existence.

© copyright 2017 Ileana Arnaoutou